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Fat Loss Expert, Coach Has



I'm here to show you the simplest way to burn your unwanted belly fat. The busier you are the better the results you will get. 

You want to tone up your body? 

See your abs? 

We can show you how to do that and more. If you want to live a healthy life, be a bad ass grandparent, spouse or just live your best life, we want to work with you. 

With half the price of a in-person training, you will get the best results possible. 

Please read what our clients say about our services and their results.


Online Coaching Services

1-on-1 Online Coaching!


The price for our premium coaching  (3 month requirement)

Why do you need Online Coaching? We are your GPS to losing the unwanted weight, guiding you with your nutrition and providing the accountability you need to get your goals accomplished.  In-person personal training is 600.00 dollars per month (on average) and a huge time commitment. 

Online Coaching is about half of that price  and can be taken anywhere. We are right there with you, have worked with clients just LIKE YOU and 100 percent sure you will get the results you want. 

Our Online Coaching Services does 2 things:  

1)  Lose Unwanted Belly Fat

2) Keep it off 

It is personally customized to your lifestyle and goals. We do not believe in "quick fixes," or 2 hour workouts. 

The benefits of our online coaching are: 

  1. Become leaner, thinner, stronger
  2. Enjoy a vibrant sex life
  3. Enjoy your favorite foods without getting fat
  4. Chase your kids pain free
  5. Chase your dogs pain free 
  6. Regain your self-confidence 
  7. Improve your mindset  

If you're ready to change and budget 11.00 a day, please complete the application below. We will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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Exercise Tutorials

Learn How to Perform a Seated Row

Listen to the instruction in the video and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

-Coach Has 



Clients' success



Hassan is an awesome trainer, he is very patient and has a great attitude and positive energy. He helped me to get back on track with pursuing my fitness goals. I recommend him highly!


I was that person who went to the gym with no solution/plan of action. Would work out, didn't understand the purpose of re-fueling and hydrating, so when I woke up sore the next morning, I wouldn't go back. The COACHING, SUPPORT, and TRAINING I get from this duo is unmatched!

Still haven't reached where I want to be, but the physical, mental, and emotional change I've seen the last two and a half months is all the proof I need to keep going!


The best workout I have had in years. I wish I could continue to travel from brooklyn to LI.


Oni Lou reviewed Authentically Well LLC5 star

Spent the afternoon working out and taking steps to be my best self with a kind and considerate group of professionals. They pushed me but not half as much as they encouraged me. Excited to do it again!

This can be YOU!

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